Angie Estes takes very alert art and wakes it up all over again.  Out of wonderful sliding sound relationships and torqued-up rhythms, out of histories as vivid as they are diverse, she creates a present moment in which we realize that Giotto and Le Corbusier are, and have always been, contemporaries—our contemporaries—for great art always happens in the present, and Estes' work is no exception.  It's now."  

—Cole Swensen

"Angie Estes' stunning new collection of poems is a brilliant and intellectually dazzling investigation of the often unstable relationship between language and experience. These heart-breaking and inventive poems negotiate the oscillations of event and memory in order to reveal the delicate and highly filigreed interweaving—in our lives-—of action, meditation, and utterance. Beauty and insight spill off every page of this rich, compelling, and essential new book of poetry."  

—David St. John

Angie Estes' Voice-Over explores the erotics of language and its meanings in poems both experimental and lyric. Reginald Shepherd, in awarding the collection the 2001 Alice Fay Di Castagnola prize, wrote that Estes' poems "enact the aural and thematic embodiment of letters and syllables, in which enunciation is a form of annunciation, and word play is serious work indeed."

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